We offer amazing services all bundled up into the PERFECT package for you here and it's

                                   ONLY $20 a month with no contracts!!


                                   What can I expect from this bundle?


This bundle comes with 24/7 monitoring! This gives our technicians instant access to your technology’s data, resulting in quick and efficient resolutions. We believe that knowledge is power and efficiency saves you money.

You can also expect Virus, Malware, and Ransomware protection! This keeps your systems clean and safe. You'll never have to worry about buying protection again. Micro-IT is constantly evolving our technology and strengthening our toolset to keep your technology working for you.

On the rare occasion that there is something you need assistance with that our automative check systems can't handle, this subscription includes Assigned Technicians! Here at Micro-IT, we believe in a personal touch. You will have direct access to a technician, that because of our 24/7 monitoring service, is already familiar with your environment. Bonus points, this bundle offers that service at a discounted rate!

This also comes with our customer portal that allows every technical issue you have to be archived through CRM, creating a unique ticket number with a documented resolution, strengthening our relationship over time!

Lastly, this bundle includes a monthly reporting and automation! What this means for you is that you, as the subscriber, will receive a monthly health report of your network environment. Through automation, our toolset reacts to common issues that can be resolved without human contact!



  • You will get instant access to a Self Security Audit that is set up as a check list for you to run through and see if you are secure online and what you need to do to make sure that you are!
  • We have included an eBook called "Improving Your Cyber Security," which includes 7 tips on how to keep you and your systems safer.
  • You also will be granted access to our "Cyber Security and Technology Knowledge Base" Archive that we keep updated for our subscribers to be in the know with tips and solutions to issues you may run into and ways to stay safe online.

Cyber Security Software Subscription Bundle

Price Options
Cyber Security
$20.00monthly/ auto-renew