A network designed for your individual needs

  • Monitoring 24/7

24/7 monitoring gives our technicians instant access to your technology’s data, resulting in quick and efficient resolutions. 

Knowledge is power, efficiency saves you money.

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  • Virus, Malware, Ransomware 

Keep your systems clean and safe. Never have to worry about buying protection again. Micro-IT is constantly evolving our technology and strengthening our toolset to keep your technology working for you.

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  • Assigned Technicians

At Micro-IT, we believe in a personal touch. You will have direct access at a discounted rate to a technician familiar with your environment.

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  • Customer Portal 

Every technical issue you have will be archived throughout CRM, creating a unique ticket number with a documented resolution, strengthening our relationship over time.

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  • Monthly Reporting and Automation

Micro-IT customers will receive a monthly health report of their network environment. Through automation, our toolset reacts to common issues that can be resolved without human contact.

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