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Every single year about 70% of just the US population experiences some form of cyber attack. If you factor in the rest of the world, the ratio becomes astounding. The truth is that 99% of computers are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Approximately 68% of funds lost as a result of cyber attacks are declared unrecoverable. If you have any form of account that is existing online and has a connection to you, you could be at risk! 

  • Are you concerned about the security of your business data? 

  • Is your business safe from cybercrime?

  • Is your small business continually adapting to the ever changing cyber security threat landscape?

  • If your computers became compromised, would you even know?

Micro-IT's Small Business Cyber Security Plan can help you address these concerns to stay protected from online threats and maintain a secure environment. This comprehensive plan covers user access control, internal and perimeter defense testing, application logs, network compliance reports, alerts / notifications, as well as documentation and training for safeguarding your data from identity theft, password, and data loss. See below for more information on these benefits. Gain peace of mind with Micro-IT’s Cyber Security Plan in place.

In addition, our monitored data backup and retrieval system minimizes your risk of losing important files. And if the worst should happen, Micro-IT’s Incident Response Plan can minimize the damage by restoring your systems and data quickly and efficiently.


We know you didn’t go into business to fight technology. Let us take care of the technology so you can get back to work.

Standard Cyber Security Software

  • Virus and Malware Protection


AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices. The most proactive real time defense a small business can have protecting your sensitive data.

  • 24/7 Monitoring​​


Micro-IT is always on the watch, monitoring each device for performance issues, hard drives near capacity, abnormal behavior, and signs of viruses or cyber criminals. Constant monitoring offers an array of benefits for your business, but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive real-time alerts on any discrepancies or potential issues with your networks before they get out of hand. REDUCED COSTS: Hiring personnel to monitor your networks 24/7 is very costly. However, with Micro-IT by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the best IT talent monitoring your system, and Micro-IT is a click away and ready to manage your networks at an efficient and reduced labor rate.

  • Backend Control


Often during a Ransomware attack the attacker will disable your control of the keyboard and mouse. In this event Micro-IT’s technicians can still override the attackers using our tools to stop the attack as it is happening.

  • Associate Cyber Security Awareness and Acknowledgment Documentation and Training


Micro-IT provides you with branded documentation for your associates to be trained on best practices concerning email, network access and hardware security and much more. This signed document will provide proof of due diligence in case of a data breach and reduces risk of bad employee behavior.

Ongoing Support

  • Remote Support


Micro-IT’s technicians are just a click away for giving you remote support when you need it the most.

  • Service Ticket System


Micro-IT keeps track of every service ticket and its resolution with an unique ticket number assigned to every call.

  • Application Logs


Application log monitoring makes it much easier to detect the root cause of the issue and the technician won’t need to collect small pieces of information scattered all over the system one by one. It also makes bug fixing and handling critical incidents more effective.

  • Client Portal


The Micro-IT Client Portal gives you 24/7 access to every ticket and projects ongoing and completed. You and our technicians will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that will grow within your portal over time.

  • Monthly Workstation Health Reports


Micro-IT clients receive a monthly health report providing you a quick and easy to understand overview of each of your workstations.

​​Micro-IT's Standard Cyber Security Package as detailed above can be deployed for just $20 per month/per workstation.


( A one time onboarding fee of $99 per workstation will be added to your first month's bill that includes the installation of the software, removal of bloatware and clean up of any viruses and/or malware on your workstations. )  


There are Add On services listed below that will take the protection of you data to the next level.

Add Ons

  • Cloud Based boot-able Image backup ($20 per WS )


Micro-IT backups reduce downtime and risk of data loss. Less time spent remediating issues means you spend less money. With reduced downtime and minimized risk, you can enjoy more uptime and increased profitability potential.

  • Admin Controlled Remote User Accounts ($5 per user )


Take control of your users' access to your network by using Micro-IT’s Admin Controlled Remote Access User accounts. Not only can we assign access to a computer but as many computers as needed all in one easy to use software. Never having to worry about an employee leaving, you will be able to instantly revoke the ex-employee’s access.



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