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  • Month to Month Service agreements (because we will always give it our best)

  • Personal technical account manager (because everyone likes to know whom they're talking to)

  • Micro-IT is partnered with the best Internet providers nationwide (because you deserve the best no-matter where you are.)

  • Micro-IT has email solutions that keep you in control (because you should own what is yours)

  • Our network design is certified by a national team of network specialist. (because you deserve reliability) 

  • Micro-IT monitors the health of your workstations, servers, network, phones and surveillance systems 24/7 365 to ensure your time is protected. 

  • Micro-IT's software is armed with hundreds of automated services that keep you up to date and secure ready to work the next day.

  • 2-5 year handcuff contracts (because they still want your money even after they forget you exist) 

  • Help Desk (because any random low level phone operator is good enough for their customers) 

  • They tell you what internet to use  (because they make money on that too)

  • They have super low storage email system from 1989 (because they want you to fear losing everything with out them)

  • Network reliability?  (oh, the guy at Buymore said it was good......)

  • They monitor their phones, if it ain't broke they have nothing to fix.

  • Automation.........LOL


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